iExpenses Pro, manage all your reimbursements


Your expense within a few clicks

Within a few clicks, just enter your expenses while paying the bill with « iExpenses Pro ».

If you’re in a hurry and do not have time to enter your receipts, scan them and return later. The banette of « bills to treat » turns on and tells you how many receipts to process.

You can resume and complete your expense description with information such as the name of your client and the project, the name of the merchant, the number of nights, the addresses (from, step and to) for travel, the number and amount of mileage allowances, etc.

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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Infinite possibilities


Full of features!

  • Managing multiple profiles.
  • No limit to the number of expense reports or invoices.
  • Follow expense status: data entry, sent, paid, refused.
  • Breakdown of your expenses by categories: meals, hotel, mileage allowance …
  • Choice of mean of payment: credit card, check, cash, bank …
  • Tracking VAT management with multi-rate bills.
  • Several scans for each receipt.
  • Automatic currency conversion.
  • Entering additional information: travel, meals, accounting …
  • CSV and PDF export your expenses and emailing.
  • Ability to customize your application and exports.
  • Advanced statistical bills.
  • iCloud and Dropbox synchronization.
  • Protecting your data with a password.

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[image_frame style=”framed” align=”center” height=”240″ width=”160″ alt=”A complete referential” title=”A complete referential”][/image_frame]

A complete and editable referential!

  • Profiles: track several persons or companies expenses.
  • Customers and projects: properly re-billed your customers.
  • Currencies: 160+ currencies.
  • Expense categories: taxi, hotel, restaurant, kilometers …
  • Fixed price expenses: simplify your entries for recurring expenses.
  • Vehicles: follow the use of your vehicles.
  • Means of payment: specify the mean of payment used.
  • Types of meals: breakfast, lunch …
  • Cost accounting: impute your expenses properly.
  • Merchants: enter the name and address of the merchant.
  • Location: specify your route when traveling.
  • Guests: indicate with whom you have lunch.


Customizable exports

Our exports have been designed with the sole purpose to serve you in your daily work with your accountant. Because each business situation is different, you can customize your exports: the fields to print for the CSV file, the header color, the data to display and the summaries for PDF file.

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[image alt=”CSV: file preview” title=”CSV: file preview” caption=”CSV: file preview”][/image]
[image alt=”PDF: receipts” title=”PDF: receipts” caption=”PDF: receipts”][/image]
[image alt=”PDF: synthesis” title=”PDF: synthesis” caption=”PDF: synthesis”][/image]

Analyze your expenses

The statistics module offers the possibility to analyze and identify the main items of expense in order to plan your cash needs.

  • Number and amount of expenses by status.
  • Number and amount of receipts by category of expense.
  • Number and amount of receipts by customer/project.
  • Distance per vehicle by month/year.

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[image alt=”Breakdown by status” title=”Breakdown by status” caption=”Breakdown by status”][/image]
[image alt=”Breakdown by category” title=”Breakdown by category” caption=”Breakdown by category”][/image]
[image alt=”Breakdown by customer/project” title=”Breakdown by customer/project” caption=”Breakdown by customer/project”][/image]
[image alt=”Distance breakdown by vehicle/month/year” title=”Distance breakdown by vehicle/month/year” caption=”Distance breakdown by vehicle/month/year”][/image]

Whether you are in a seminar, or an employee in travel, or even a contractor, the application « iExpenses Pro » is ideal for tracking your business expenses!