iLoan, real estate project & consumer credit simulator


A leading tool for professionals

Many professionals make us glowing feedback on both the design of the application and on its functionalities. As customers, « iLoan » soon became indispensable. At the office, the entire application or replace tools business!

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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Suitable for all needs

The application is suitable for all uses, especially in the broker through the estate agent: from a quick calculation of your borrowing capacity to the complex simulation of your project using several loans with a credit smoothing and taking into account any credits already underway.

« iLoan » allows you to simulate and compare loans by calculating monthly payments, the APR and the total cost of credit taking into account the different charges. All simulations are adapted to the mortgage, the car loan and consumer credit. These can even be saved for later times.


Simply calculate your ability.

  • Monthly debt capacity
  • Borrowing capacity
  • Search a criteria according to others : duration, borrowed capital or annual interest rate

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Access to simulation capabilities of a complex project.

  • Project with loan arrangement, smooth and charges
  • Many types of loan including amortizable, partially or fully deferred, in fine, graduated, adjustable rate, etc …
  • Simulation of partial or fully early repayments
  • Savings & withdrawal plan


A wide choice of loans


In your simulations, you can choose from a wide range of loans.

  • Interest-only loan (principal repayment at once) or amortizable (progressive repayment of capital) to fixed rate
  • Graduated-payment loan
  • Adjustable-rate loan
  • Partially or fully deferred-payment loan
  • In the context of you projects : loan arrangement, credit smoothing (capital, time or monthly payment)

For each simulation credit, you be free to specify the type of loan and insurance.

  • Type of Loan: simple interest or compound interest
  • Insurance: outstanding capital rate or borrowed capital

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PDF export quality

We paid special attention to the quality of the PDF export so that « iLoan » can be used in business presentations, but also with your banker.

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