Salary Net / Gross (Pro), evaluate your income


For payroll professionals

At last, an application to convert accurately a salary from the gross to net, and vice versa.

Not only « Salary Net / Gross (Pro) » allows you to do this conversion, but the application also calculates the net taxable amount, the amount of payroll taxes and the amount of employer contributions.

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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Global or detailed conversions

You can do « global conversions » from your gross pay to your net pay, depending on whether you are or not executive. Taxable income and the employee & employer costs are also calculated.

The application also provides the ability to make « detailed conversions » with more parameters. Stating your gross annual salary, number of months pay per year and the number of hours per week, « Salary Net / Gross (Pro) » calculates your net and gross monthly salary, your net and gross hourly rate and total cost to the employer.

All calculations can be performed in the two directions: gross to net and net to gross.

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Add your own contributions

The application is fully customizable so you can fit your work situation: configure contributions with those that your company applies.

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