Timesheet, keeps track of working hours or timesheet

Follow your working hours, timesheets or tasks at home (nanny, cleaning, etc. …)

« Timesheet » is a professional tool to track and analyze your working hours and payments. It is suitable for all situations: artisans, workers and employees, employers and bosses or simply individuals (baby sitter, nanny, cleaning, plumbing, etc …).

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Enter and view your work hours

« Timesheet » allows users to enter their hours and the hourly rate or the price of the service. Each input is connected to a profile (teamwork or more than one job), contact – customer for revenues or supplier for expenses – and timesheets can be broken down within activities and tasks regardless of contact or profile.

Advanced statistics

Statistics application lets you accurately track your working hours while offering advanced filters: interval (year, month, week, etc …), profiles, contacts and payment status.

Check the hours of work or the payments and visualize what are your most important sources of income or expense items.

An application in the cloud

« Timesheet » goes much further: you can work as a team with a multi-devices synchronization and especially multi-users. You can access and use our powerful cloud for free. Each user can create their own cloud and subscribe it or simply subscribe to a friend’s or colleague’s cloud.