User guide

This user guide contains different guidelines to help you becoming familiar with « Timesheet » application and knowing to use it.

  1. Add a working hour / timesheet
  2. Add a contact

1. Add a working hour / timesheet
In this user guide, you will learn to add a working hour.


From calendar screen, click on « + » button.


Add working hours

Indicate the various required information: status, profile, contact, dates of start and end.

The application will calculate the duration of your work time based on start and end as well as the duration of the pause.


Add working hours (continuation)

An hourly rate or the service price can be entered in the currency of your choice. The application takes care of the calculations.

Finally, a comment field is available.

2. Add a contact
In this user guide, you will learn to add a contact and differences between customer and supplier type.

List of contacts

From « Activities » tab, « Contacts » menu, you can add a new contact (« + » button).

For each contact, logo, name, company, and type of contact are displayed.


Add a contact

The contacts can be created manually or imported from your address book. Whatever the option chosen, they still remain editable.

Only the name field is mandatory and must be filled. All other fields are optional.

The type of contact may take the following values​​:

  • « Customer » : work schedules are displayed as a source of income (positive amount in green color).
  • « Supplier » : working hours are displayed as an item of expense (negative amount in red color).