iLeaves, manage your holidays and your unworked hours easily

Never forget your holidays

« iLeaves » allows you to manage your hours of leaves, but also your overtime hours.

You can create as many as necessary types of absences : annual leaves, sickness,… For each type, you can set vacation hours.

At last, this app automatically calculates hours of leaves according to schedule and public holidays.

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Plan with a calendar

The calendar shows rest days, public holidays, school holidays and your leaves. It allows you to plan to plan and manage your absences.

Annual synthesis

A yearly synthesis report is essential to do track and manage your types of leave. It also allows you to fill your timesheet thank to « iLeaves ».

You calendar always up to date

Export in one or many calendars all your leaves, public holidays and school holidays.

You can also send by email a summary of your leave for a period.