iLogger Pro


Don’t forget anything

It is important being vigilant at every step of the way, « iLogger Pro » helps you to focus on the essential without compromising on note-taking quality.

Reports and notes can be :

  • saved on your iPhone / iPad,
  • indexed in specified categories,
  • subsequently modified or previewed,
  • sent to a recipient or supplemented on your computer.

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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Customize your application

This logger application can be customized thanks to advanced settings. Each button, category or label are set by user : whether you are a detective, a police officer, an EMS personnel, an insurance personnel, a security or maintenance staff member, etc…, « iLogger Pro » perfectly suits your day-to-day needs.

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Advanced taking notes

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Leave nothing to chance with « iLogger Pro » and enrich the content of your notes !

  • Pictures or videos : use stored pics and vids on your iPhone / iPad or directly shoot them.
  • Addresses : provide address of your location.
  • GPS coordinates : calculate your coordinates with a single click and get the corresponding address.
  • Voice memos : when handling difficult situations, record a voice memo.


Continue working on your computer


This app has multiple export applications : email, CSV, PDF and DOC. Each export type is provided with all of your pictures, videos and voice memos.

DOC file can be read or modified with the word processing software package of your choice (Word, OpenOffice, Notepad, TextEdit…) for all platforms (Widows, Mac OSX, Linux…).

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